A ttorney Matatov Raisa is the owner of Matatov Law Firm, she is the eldest daughter of Aaron and Margarita Matatov, born December 5, 1980 in Uzbekistan. Attorney Matatov completed her 1st academic degree LL.B in 2004 in Israel, and the 2nd academic degree LL.M (International Law) in 2008 in Rome, Italy. Raisa Matatov has an Israeli Lawyer’s License, fluent in 5 languages: Russian, Hebrew, Italian, English, Spanish. Over the entire period of her professional activity, Attorney Raisa Matatov successfully represented & defended the interests of hundreds of clients in all jurisdictions of the country. She has extensive experience & knowledge in dealing with legal issues of varying complexity. Matatov Raisa is an active public figure among the population of the former Soviet Union & the author of dozens of publicistic articles on legal, social, political, economic & other aspects of life in Israel.

M atatov Law Firm is a leading law firm in Eilat, has a number of branches in Israel and works closely with the best attorneys in Israel. Our company provides comprehensive legal representation in all legal systems and judicial instances of Israel. The rich experience and extensive knowledge of our attorneys allow us to quickly and effectively find solutions to any legal problems, both for the citizens of Israel and for foreigners. Matatov Law Firm will be pleased to represent your interests and accompany you in preparing and filing documents on the following issues: Immigration & Citizenship in Israel, Civil Law, Bankruptcy, Labor Law & Recalculation of Salaries, Wills and Assets, Family Law, Accompanying Real Estate Transactions, Bituah Leumi, Civil Divorce & Alimony Enforcement, Durable Power of Attorney, Representing the Interests of Businessmen’s in Israel & Abroad. In cooperation with a well-known attorney in Ramat Gan, Julia Shankar, we provide assistance in matters related to various casualties, medical negligence and traffic accidents.

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Immigration Law

Matatov Law Firm in Eilat, israel

Over the years, Matatov Law Firm attorneys successfully represent the interests of our clients in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the process of acquiring legal status in Israel, immigration to Israel, obtaining visas to Israel, protecting the rights of foreign citizens in Israel, filing appeals to the court, providing urgent legal advice and assistance to those denied entering Israel, who are in custody at the airport or deported.

We assist in: legalization of a foreign spouse, without leaving Israel; in obtaining humanitarian status for foreigners who were divorced, became a victim of domestic violence or were widowed during the step-by-step procedure and other cases; we help repatriate to Israel, restore documents confirming Jewry, obtain citizenship for single elderly non-Jewish parents. We also deal with: legalization of civil / formal marriages, family reunification; obtaining a visa (B / 1), residence permit (A / 5), permanent residence, citizenship, invitation of a spouse, cancellation of deportation; solving problems associated with the legalization of documents, the difference in the age of spouses, the criminal past, etc.

Civil Law

Matatov Law Firm in Eilat, israel

Do you intend to file a claim against a legal person or corporation for a legal dispute that has arisen? Has a claim been filed against you by a person or legal corporation and you must defend yourself? Civil law is an expression of a broad legal industry that includes a variety of relationships in which legal disputes may arise: contractual claims (disputes arising under contractual agreements).

On these issues for example you will need to appeal to a knowledgeable lawyer in the field of civil law. Attempting to deal with the solution of a legal dispute alone may cause considerable and irreversible damage. Therefore, when a legal dispute arises, clients apply for a preliminary assessment and legal advice to our office. Matatov Law Firm has handled dozens of claims of monetary claims and filed a statement of defense. If a claim has been filed against you, we advise you, as soon as possible, to seek professional legal assistance.


Matatov Law Firm in Eilat, israel

The current legislation of the State of Israel provides a number of possible solutions for the elimination of debts. In accordance with the Bankruptcy Order of 1980, a private person from the age of 18, who is unable to pay off his debt obligations, has the legal right to apply and demand that the relevant authority recognize itself as Bankrupt.

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy or want to learn as much as you can about various aspects and means to write off debts in Israel – Matatov Law Firm will help you find the best option to get out of the current financial situation with minimal losses as soon as possible, and start your financial history from a clean slate.

The advantage of the bankruptcy procedure is that once the bankruptcy application is approved, the creditors will be notified of the commencement of the bankruptcy process and will not have the right to continue to claim debts from you. The purpose of filing bankruptcy is to completely write off all your debts, remove arrests from a bank account, salary, driver’s license and lift restrictions on leaving the country.

Employment Law

Matatov Law Firm in Eilat, israel

Our Law Firm has extensive experience in representing and advising both employers and employees on all matters related to an employment and labor law. Our lawyers providing comprehensive legal advice and representation for companies, management and individual employees from all kinds of business sectors. In Israel, as in all other developing countries, employment and labor laws and regulations are constantly changing and transforming. That is why professional legal advice of an experienced lawyer will be your best defense against possible labor disputes.

Matatov Law Firm providing the following labor and employment law services: calculation of severance pay, worsening conditions at work, freelance employee relations, overtime, liquidation of a company/groups of employees, unlawful layoffs, employee rights, application for injunction against dismissal, prohibition of discrimination at work, a hearing prior to dismissal, sexual harassment at work, tips for working wages, women’s work, pension and executive insurance, breach of contract of employment, work disability attorney, Article 14 Section 26, collective agreements, checking pay slips.

Wills & Assets

Matatov Law Firm in Eilat, israel

Matatov Law Firm offers legal services related to inheritance and succession matters: writing a Will, certification of a Will before a notary, interpretation of Wills, handling all matters of succession, submission of applications for succession orders and requests for probate orders, objection to the approval of a Will, cancellation of a Will, Estate Planning. Dealing with inheritance issues can be quite complicated if you are unfamiliar with all the legal rules and regulations. Our lawyers have an extensive knowledge and experience that can help simplify and streamline this process for you.

There are four forms of a Will recognized by the Israeli Law: a handwritten Will, a Will given in the presence of whiteness, a Will given in the presence of an authority and an oral Will (deathbed Will). In order for a Will to be binding, it must be executed according to all the rules/regulations at a time when Testator was of sound mind and body. The Will made by a minor, or by a person who has been declared incompetent, couldn’t discern/understand the nature of the Will, will be invalid. Writing and executing a Will should be entrusted to a qualified lawyer who is experienced in these matters.

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Family Law

Matatov Law Firm in Eilat, israel

The divorce procedure in Israel is a complex process often requiring professional legal support. To simplify and speed up this procedure, you should contact a lawyer who specializes in divorce cases. Your lawyer will be with you at all stages of the trial. This will help you to avoid not only extra expenses, but also save your time and nerves. Matatov Law Firm also deals with the issue of custody of the children, the communication arrangements and visitations with the parent who isn’t custodian, alimony and the property division.

Depending on the religious affiliation & citizenship of the spouses, divorce proceedings will vary and will be considered in different courts. The Rabbinical Court deals with the divorce cases of Jews who are citizens and permanent residents of the country (both spouses are Jews, Druze or belong to one of the Christian denominations of Israel). The Civil Family Court will consider the divorce of mixed couples who marry abroad; couples of different faiths or without religious affiliation. When only one spouse is Jewish, need to apply to a civil family court, who then apply to the rabbinate court for confirmation that the divorce case can be considered in a civil family court.

Real Estate

Matatov Law Firm in Eilat, israel

Matatov Law Firm specializes in Real Estate transactions, taxation and representing clients in the field of professional negligence in real estate. If you are interested in buying or selling a property: don’t be tempted to save money and use a ready-made contract, don’t rely on joint representation with the lawyer of the other party (individual or contractor). We strongly recommend, before making a transaction, to seek professional lawyer services in order to draw up a contract that will protect your rights and interests, to check in detail the legal status of the property and all the required documents: It is also important to ensure that there are no pledges, foreclosures, etc.

The firm has also extensive experience and strategic vision in all aspects of real estate taxation (purchase, praise, VAT): tax planning for a transaction prior to its signing, tax planning for real estate transactions, handling of taxation aspects of real estate acquisitions, representation before the tax authorities, including appeals procedures, pre-ruling, Tax aspects, writing opinions, preparing self-assessments and reports. We offer comprehensive and professional legal support for planning and construction procedures and for dealing with local and regional planning and building committees, appeals committees, administrative courts, district courts in all matters related to administrative petitions, the Supreme Court and more.

Law Social Security

Matatov Law Firm in Eilat, israel

If you’re dissatisfied with any decision made by the National Insurance Institute (NII), our Firm can help you to submit the appeal to the Labor Court. NII responsible for the social security of the residents of Israel, and therefore guarantees basic subsistence to those unable to provide for themselves at times of personal crisis such as work termination, disability and work injury. The NII pays disability pension to those eligible adult whose earning capacity is reduced by 50% due to his disability.

To be entitled to a disability pension – your medical disability degree must be determined by a physician from the NII, of at least 60%, or at least 40%, if you have several medical impairments and a medical disability of at least 25% was determined for a single one of them. Monthly disability pension rate will be calculated in accordance with the incapacity degree. Work injury insurance is designed to compensate insured persons who are injured at work for the loss of income for the period of time after the injury, during which they are unable to work, to receive medical treatment for his injury, free of charge If the injured person remains disabled, he is entitled to a work disability pension or grant.

Civil Divorce & Alimony

Matatov Law Firm in Eilat, israel

After the divorce of a couple, alimony is appointed either by court order or in accordance with the Jewish religious law (applies if both parents of a child profess Judaism). The alimony must fully cover the needs of the child, but if the former spouses cannot agree, the court establishes them. In this case, each party is represented by a family law attorney. Alimony for children is calculated in 2 ways: based on the daily needs of the child; based on the established min. amount of the alimony, which is annually indexed in accordance with inflation (in 2015 it was about 1500 shekels per month).

The defendant is obliged to provide the children with the same standard of living that they had before the parents divorced. The amount of alimony will be calculated based on the cost of clothing and food, tuition, housing, utilities, medical insurance.. On average, 30% of the respondent’s income is collected for the support of 1 child, 40% for 2 children, 50% for 3 children. Mandatory child support payments may be reduced due to deterioration of health or financial condition of the respondent parent. However, this is not a simple matter, so an experienced family law lawyer will definitely be required here.

Durable Power Of Attorney

Matatov Law Firm in Eilat, israel

The Durable Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives one person the authority to represent or act on behalf of another person on private, business or other legal matters. The person who gives the authority is called the principal, and the person who is given authority to act on behalf of the principal is called the agent or the attorney-in-fact. To create and sign a Durable Power of Attorney the principal must be at least 18 years old and have the mental capacity to understand the benefits, risks & potential consequences of signing the document.

The power of attorney determines who and under what conditions will make decisions for principal, when the principal will be unable to make his/her own decisions independently due to elderly age, mental disorders, injury, disease.. The Durable Power of attorney ensures that your health, financial or any other matters will stay in the hands of trusted people you choose, and it will remain valid and in effect even if you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself. For more information about the Durable Power of Attorney and conditions applicable to it, you can contact Matatov Law Firm for professional legal advice.



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